How to Find the Perfect Job Online

How many times have you opened a job or internship link on a hiring board only to find that the deadline already passed a few months ago? 
How many hours have you spent sifting through dozens of web pages looking for a job that is actually relevant to your field?
How many job opportunities have you been emailed by your university or another subscription only to find that you qualify for none of them? 

Not only does this waste a lot of time and effort, but it can also be massively disheartening, especially when opportunities like these could potentially provide the necessary experience you need to become competitive in the job market.

Enter Project Matchmaker.

Project Matchmaker is one of three main components that make up the ANT platform. Seamlessly integrated with the other components, the learning path and digital portfolio, this matchmaker is exactly what it sounds like. Based on your preferences and input from your learning path or digital portfolio, the matchmaker finds users their ideal project based on its recommendation engine. 

By working closely with the companies we recommend, we ensure that both sides have exactly what they need in order to reach their goals. In addition, we work with a variety of business partners with different needs to ensure that our users always have a wide range of options. 

No one likes being suggested opportunities that they don’t qualify for or are out of their skill range, and we get that. Not only does the project matchmaker show opportunities that are within your field, but it also makes sure that those jobs are within your skillset. Whether that’s entry-level, intermediate, or a seasoned employee, we have options for you. 

All you have to do is upload your resume, fill out some information regarding your experience, skillset, and qualifications, and you’ll immediately have a tailored, up-to-date list of paid projects that are currently looking for people like you! 

What’s unique about the Project Matchmaker is the various filters you can apply to narrow down the job that is perfect for you. For example, we at ANT understand that everyone has different ideas for commitments. Whether you have a few weeks for a short learning experience, a few months to really polish and portray your expertise, or a longer time range, the Project Matchmaker will find you whatever that you need. 

Once your project is complete, you’ll be able to boast your new skills and experiences on your resume, and potentially get good recommendations for further job opportunities. No more time wasted, no more discouragement, and no more missed opportunities.