Bolster Your Resume with New Skills Without Going Back to School

Picture this.

You find yourself looking through a list of up to date job applications. There are a handful of listings that you qualify for, but you’ve already applied to those. Your dream job, however, that one at the very bottom - that one has a skill that you don’t yet have the experience for. 

So you close the application link and move on.

With ANT’s Learning Path tool, you don’t have to put aside jobs that have that one unfulfilled skill anymore. The Learning Path, one of three components of the ANT platform, is a tool that can help you learn the new skills that you need to bolster your resume and maximize your competitiveness in the job market. 

No matter what education level you are at, the Learning Path creates an approach with as many courses as necessary, all tailored to your needs. Whether you want to start from scratch and are just beginning to dip your toes in your chosen field, or you want to focus on adding one or two new abilities to your resume for that dream job, you will be given a credible, comprehensive list of courses that will help you achieve your goals. 

While many business profile websites are able to give you more exposure by displaying your resume and prior experiences to potential employers, the Learning Path is a unique feature of the ANT platform that goes a step further to ensure that those resumes are as competitive as they can be. 

You simply input your target skill or job position and the Learning Path will generate a recommended set of courses that begin at your current level and end at your intended one. When you’re done with these courses, you can update your resume with your desired skills and begin using our Project Matchmaker. 

Along the way, the Learning Path has different tools to keep you accountable and motivated. Status bars show your recent updates to your courses and display how much of a course you have remaining. If you want to set a target end date, this will give you an easy way to manage your time and make sure you finish by a job application deadline or your own personal time frame. 

In addition, the Learning Path can connect you to members that are in the same or similar courses as you are. Collaborating will help you study better and gain mastery of the skills you’re learning, while training together can give you the incentive you need to remain committed to your courses. 

Seamlessly connected to the rest of the ANT platform, the Learning Path always builds on what you have towards what you need. No matter where you’re at, the Learning Path will work with your abilities and time frame so you can impress potential employers and achieve your dream job.